Girnar Premix Cardamom Chai

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Embrace the essence of Indian tea with Girnar Premix Cardamom Chai, a blend that marries the soothing aroma of cardamom with the rich warmth of chai. Crafted with care and convenience, this premix chai redefines the way you enjoy your daily cup.

Every sip of Girnar Premix Cardamom Chai is a symphony of flavors, where the robustness of tea leaves meets the fragrant and earthy notes of cardamom. The convenience of a premix means you can savor this delightful brew in moments, whether you're starting your day, taking a break, or seeking comfort at any time.


  • Premix Chai with Cardamom
  • Crafted with Quality Tea Leaves and Cardamom
  • Ideal for a Quick and Flavorful Chai Experience

Whether you're a chai lover or seeking the elegance of cardamom-infused tea, Girnar Premix Cardamom Chai is the perfect choice. It's a blend that combines the tradition of Indian chai with the fragrance of cardamom. Exclusively available at, order now and experience where chai meets the fragrance of cardamom in every sip.

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