Bombay Supari Khatta Meetha Aam - 250 gms

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Experience the delightful fusion of sweet and tangy mango flavors with Bombay Supari Khatta Meetha Aam 250gm, a treat that brings the essence of mangoes to your palate.

Expertly crafted, Khatta Meetha Aam is a perfect blend of the luscious sweetness of mangoes and a hint of tanginess. Bombay Supari presents this unique delight, ensuring that each piece captures the essence of mangoes. Whether you're a mango lover or looking for a special gift, Bombay Supari Khatta Meetha Aam is an excellent choice.


  • Premium Quality Khatta Meetha Aam
  • Infused with Irresistible Mango Flavor
  • Perfect for Snacking and Gifting

Bombay Supari Khatta Meetha Aam 250gm offers a flavor profile that's both tropical and delightful. It's a treat that celebrates the iconic taste of mangoes with a tangy twist. Exclusively available at, order now and enjoy the irresistible mango sweetness in every bite.

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