Apna Sweets Mango Barfi - 500 gms

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Introducing Apna Sweets Mango Barfi, a treat that encapsulates the essence of summer in every bite. Crafted with care and precision, this delectable Indian sweet is a celebration of pure mango bliss.

Each piece of Apna Sweets Mango Barfi is a burst of fruity goodness, with the rich flavor of ripe mangoes taking center stage. The creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture is complemented by the aromatic notes of cardamom and the delicate touch of pistachios. It's a sweet that transports you to the heart of mango season.


  • Pure Mango Bliss
  • Creamy and Flavorful
  • Crafted with Quality Ingredients
  • Ideal for Festivals and Celebrations

Whether you're marking a special occasion, sharing sweetness with loved ones, or simply indulging in the magic of mangoes, Apna Sweets Mango Barfi is the perfect choice. Share the mango bliss with your friends and family or savor it as your personal tropical escape. Exclusively available at IndiaShopping.io, order now and experience the sweet perfection of mango magic.

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Miez Lennon
Mango Barfi

It was simply mango papaya between layers of condensed sugar. Not an actual barfi

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