Bombay Supari Kesar Lachcha - 250 gms

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Step into a world of indulgence with Bombay Supari Kesar Lachcha 250gm, a delightful confection that celebrates the opulence of saffron (kesar).

Carefully crafted to perfection, Kesar Lachcha is a traditional Indian sweet that combines the allure of saffron with premium ingredients. Bombay Supari takes pride in delivering the most exquisite version of this sweet, ensuring each bite is a taste of elegance. Whether you're seeking a special treat for festivities, gifting, or simply a personal moment of luxury, Bombay Supari Kesar Lachcha is the ideal choice.


  • Premium Quality Kesar Lachcha
  • Infused with the Richness of Saffron (Kesar)
  • Perfect for Celebrations and Gifting

Bombay Supari Kesar Lachcha 250gm offers a sensory journey that unfolds the deep flavors and aroma of saffron. It's a perfect blend of tradition and luxury, making it a treasured sweet for any occasion. Exclusively available at, order now and savor the elegance of Kesar in every bite.

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