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The Ultimate Guide to Big Brands in Indore

by rahul bhatt 24 Mar 2023
Are you an NRI living abroad and missing the Indian food that you grew up with? Do you find the process of ordering food items from India cumbersome, and wish for a single interface where you can see all the brands and items available? Look no further, as is here to change the game for you. In this blog, we will discuss all the big brands in Indore, such as Om Namkeen, Prakash Namkeen, Apna Sweets, Akash Namkeen, and Jain Mishthan Bhandar, and explain why is the best place for all Indians living abroad who crave their home food.

Om Namkeen: Started in 1970, Om Namkeen is a household name in Indore. It specializes in a variety of namkeens, farsan, sweets, and different types of snacks. Some of its popular items are Ratlami sev, chana dal, khatta meetha, and bhakarwadi. Om Namkeen has established itself as a trusted brand in Indore and has a loyal customer base. With, you can now order Om Namkeen specialties from the comfort of your couch and enjoy the same taste and quality that you did back home.

Prakash Namkeen: Another well-known brand in Indore, Prakash Namkeen, is known for its unique taste and quality. Established in 1940, it has remained a family-owned business that has achieved great success over the years. Some of its popular items are laung sev, bhujia, aloo bhujia, and many others. With a minimum order requirement of $50, you can stock up on your favorite Prakash Namkeen from and relish the taste of your homeland.

Apna Sweets: As the name suggests, Apna Sweets is the go-to place for all your Indian sweet cravings. Established in 1971, it provides a wide range of sweets, namkeens, chaat, and snacks. The shop has gained huge popularity over the years and is known for its quality and taste. Some of its popular items are besan laddoo, rasgulla, rajbhog, and gulab jamun. With, you can now order Apna Sweets specialties and get a box of happiness delivered straight to your doorstep.

Akash Namkeen Jain Mishthan Bhandar: These are two more big brands in Indore that specialize in namkeens and sweets, respectively. Akash Namkeen is famous for its unique flavors and spices, while Jain Mishthan Bhandar provides an extensive range of sweets and desserts that are made with high-quality ingredients. With, you can now explore these brands and order your favorite items without any hassle. has made it possible for NRIs living abroad to enjoy the taste and quality of the big brands in Indore without going through the cumbersome process of ordering and shipping. You can now order online from the comfort of your couch and get your favorite items delivered straight to your doorstep. With a wide range of brands and products available on our platform, we aim to make your shopping experience convenient, enjoyable, and memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Visit today and satisfy your cravings for Indian food, wherever you are in the world.
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