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Craving for Indori Snacks? Order Online!

by rahul bhatt 24 Mar 2023
Indore, the heart of Madhya Pradesh, is not only famous for its culture and history but also for its mouth-watering street food and snacks. Indore's street food is diverse and has something for everyone, from spicy poha to sweet and savoury namkeens. However, what if you are missing Indore snacks and are unable to travel to Indore? Don't worry! Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, you can now order your favourite Indore snacks online and have them delivered to your doorstep check out our website  In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular Indore snacks and where to order them online. For fun check out  Rajiv Nema's you tube song. for those who dont know Rajiv He is very popular Indori influencer

Kaju Katli and Badam Katli: Kaju and Badam katli are two of the most popular and loved Indian sweets. Kaju katli is made with ground cashew nuts, sugar and ghee while Badam katli is made with ground almonds, sugar and ghee. Both of these sweets are widely available in Indore and are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. You can now order Kaju and Badam Katli online from various e-commerce websites like Amazon and Big Basket or from traditional Indian sweets stores like Haldiram's and Ghasitaram Gifts.

Namkeen: Indore is also popular for its variety of namkeens. From spicy Sev to crunchy Aloo Bhujia, Indore has something for every taste. Try some Om Namkeen sev or Indori mixture see all items in nameen here

Jeeravan Masala: This masala is a unique spice blend that is an essential ingredient in almost all Indore street food. The Jeeravan Masala includes a blend of spices like cumin, coriander, chilli, mango powder and ginger powder. 

Get ready to savor the taste of your favorite snack! Our store is now available online and with delivery options in all corners of the world. Plus, more locations around India will be launching soon – so don't miss out on this delicious opportunity! order now
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